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Help Reach and Rescue our Kids and Country!

Congress says it is unsafe to be a child in America.


We pride ourselves on being citizens of the greatest nation on Earth, yet a Congressional Report concluded that, “American children are suffering from the impact of forces so damaging that it is unsafe to be a child in this country.” Revitalizing American character and patriotism will require a war–like effort to change the destiny of the next generation. Join us! This will require the participation of families, schools, communities, government, and businesses nationwide.

America’s All Stars is the only organization in America with plans big enough and bold enough to fix America! Our dynamic programs incent kids to do what’s right by holding events they are passionate about. We create record-breaking events that mobilize and challenge millions of young people to serve others, which builds character while they are having fun! The events are held locally and promoted nationally by celebrities and professional athletes.

These exciting, nationwide, community-service projects include: World’s Largest (NBA) Basketball Game, World’s Largest (PGA/LPGA) Golf Tournament, World's Largest Bowl-a-Thon, etc. There are 14 different associations, e.g., NBA, NFL, NASCAR, etc. Each association picks its day, for example the NBA would put on the World’s Largest Basketball Game as a charity fundraiser for veterans to ultimately engage 25,000 high schools across America on the same day. Since everything is web based now, it’s just as easy to do 25,000 events as it is to do one. (We have yet to contact these associations.)

The Kellogg Foundation documented that community service enhances grades, promotes good behavior and builds positive character. We know that if we can make kids feel like heroes through community service, they will act like heroes! America’s All Stars is dedicated to doing just that!

Other exciting community-service projects include: the World's Largest Thanksgiving Dinner, the World's Largest Interactive Theater (for drama students), the One-Million-Voice Music Video, and the Senior-Class Legacy Project.

What will America be like in 20 years if we do nothing? We must do something big, bold, better, and soon, so if you’re not happy about the legacy of sex, drugs, and school violence that we are leaving for our children and grandchildren, contact us to see how we can work together to create a brighter, safer future for all Americans and a skilled and honest workforce.
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