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About Our Organization

Welcome To America's All Stars!

Our Mission:

To 'Change the World' for Millions of Students by Providing Fun, Character-Developing, Community-Service Projects. It is the first-ever, school-based and community-based organization targeting all students K-12. America's All Stars will greatly benefit schools and local communities by fostering positive behavior, responsible citizenship, academic success, patriotism, and a positive work ethic.

Our Goals

  • To help students abstain from drugs, alcohol, and other destructive behaviors.
  • To implement a highly visible, school-based, campaign that engages millions of students.
  • To involve parents and communities in youth-development initiatives.
  • To motivate families to become more actively involved with their children.
  • To recognize and reward students, teachers, and schools for improvements in both academics and citizenship.

The Need

The dangers posed to America's youth are greater now than ever before and becoming more worrisome with each passing year. We are witnessing an increase in school violence, suicide, homicide, gang warfare, drugs, sexually-transmitted diseases, and teen pregnancies. Surprisingly, there is no focused, coordinated, national strategy to help young people avoid these dangers and develop the needed skills to live productive, healthy lives. How can we expect to make a major change without a plan?

America's All Stars provides all students with opportunities to be involved with community-service events, which are both valuable and exciting. Community service is essential to character building, and character building is what America's All Stars is all about. It is imperative that a brighter, safer future be created for our young people and our nation. America's All Stars plans to help over 53 million students within the next 5 years.

Millions of young people in this country are striving to contribute to their communities, make good choices and achieve great goals. We want to support them, strengthen them and increase their numbers. After all, young people are 20% of our population but 100% of our future.

The Three Aspects Unique to America's All Stars

  1. This is the first time that one, single organization exists for all K through 12 students (in the past it has always been Boy/Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts/Brownies, etc., but never one school-based organization for all young people).
  2. We are designing one of the largest publicity campaigns in history to attract millions of kids to character-developing activities and to make it appealing for young people to do what's right.
  3. The company that designed the sponsor benefits for the Olympics, designed our sponsor benefits. We offer Olympic-caliber sponsor benefits that are tied to the most important cause of all--our children, and, therefore, our nation's future. In fact, we have designed one of the largest cause-marketing opportunities in history that is tied to a universally heartfelt concern. This opportunity involves year-round, public-service announcements, thousands of simultaneous, school-based Thanksgiving Dinners, and a six-week media blitz conducted prior to the annual dinner event.

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